Spring Adventures In Music – Mixed Ages (1-4 yr olds)


In this interactive, class we will discover music through chanting, singing, vocal and finger plays, movement, and more. In addition to being a great way to bond with your child, these classes are specifically designed to nurture their social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical, and musical development.

This Spring I will be offering classes that will take place outdoors unless the ground is really wet, it happens to rain, there is a fair chance of rain, or if it is really not nice out, then we will have our class on-line that day. Due to Novel Coronovirus/COVID-19, participation in outdoor, in-person classes is at your own risk.

If you are unable to attend outdoor classes, I can refund you for any classes held outside.

In regards to the outdoor, in-person classes, I will do my best to follow steps which will help to reduce chances of Covid-19 transmission, such as, class sizes will be limited to 8 families per class and each family will be encouraged to space themselves 2 metres/6 feet apart from other families. I also ask that if anyone (yourself or anyone in your household) show any symptoms of Covid-19, to please stay at home. 

Everyone will need to bring a thick blanket or towel to sit on, as the grass can sometimes be very wet in the morning. There are a few options for using instruments during class: 1) I can bring instruments that have been disinfected prior to each class (which I normally do anyways to avoid transmission of regular cold & flu) 2) you bring your own instruments or things we would use for the virtual classes.

Classes will be offered on: Mondays from 11:00-11:45am starting April 12th – June 21st online (if outside we will meet at Pandora Park by the Basketball court (Nanaimo & Pandora)   *Location may be changed.
Cost of class is $100 for 10 sessions (Please send payments to adventuresinmusicbc@gmail.com)

If there is a high demand for these classes and they fill up, I will try to add other days/times/locations. Drop-ins for in person classes is not possible, however drop ins will be allowed for any of the online classes.

If the cost of this class poses a challenge for your family, please contact me and we can work something out. No one should miss out on music class due to financial barriers.

Please forward any questions or concerns to adventuresinmusicbc@gmail.com

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